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SciFi and Fantasy

Forbidden Letters
Few dared live as close to the border as us. Not even the long-standing peace treaty between our two nations could make people forget how the savage Men of the North used to hunt down and kidnap women here centuries ago. If only Devina hadn’t been so damned curious by nature, she would have never picked up that letter thrown across the Northern wall. Now, she is horrified to see that it’s from a teenage girl who is only weeks away from being auctioned off in a bridal tournament. With no time to waste, Devina is determined to help the girl escape, even if it means putting herself in danger and finding a way into the dangerous Northlands.

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They Called Us Shaman
Long before the world lost its belief in magic, Joanna knew it was part of her. She could transform into animals as easily as breathing. That was centuries ago, before the birth of the Renaissance waged a war to silence all magic. She was there when the battle began, but has been kidnapped through the means of a time machine and brought to 2048, where the last Magic Ones are collected, stripped of their abilities, and are made nearly extinct. Without her powers, can she figure out how to bring this long-standing fight to an end and free her people? Her only hope is a handsome young man, another hostage named Ramose, who alone has figured out how to reconnect with the supernatural. What will it take, and what will it cost, for them to give magic a second chance?

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