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SciFi and Fantasy

The Last Everything
Jamie Sheridan’s very bad night worsens no matter how fast the 17-year-old runs. In the next eight hours, he will become a god or a monster – or he will die. This small-town Alabama boy, whose life has been plagued by loss, grief, and a fury he doesn’t understand, must find something to live for as the clock ticks. Perhaps his two friends? The brother who let him down? The beauty of a sunrise? The kiss he longs for?

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US UK and CA

Cyber Witch
In the year 2082, the neon-lit city of Los Angeles is home to the largest community of witches and warlocks in the world. Death by one of them is also the leading cause of death among those in the LAPD. Estrella Rodriguez just got transferred to the LAPD. She wasn’t pleased to learn about it. As a cyborg witch, augmented with state-of-the-art cyberware, Estrella commands a horde of nanites to bend the world to her will. And sometimes bend the laws of physics.

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US UK and CA

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