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Grand, Death, Auto
Metro-St. Louis, Missouri. To clear her calendar, Kiki must juggle multiple obligations and make a tough decision: Can she trust her in-laws (including her alcoholic mother-in-law) to take an out-of-state vacation with her kids? To make everything work, Kiki must move in with her OTHER mother-in-law and that’s enough to makeKiki want to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Kiki suspects these are not just copycat deaths. There’s another dynamic at work. Could it be that someone is encouraging vulnerable young adults to take their own lives?

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US UK and CA

Wicked Egg to Crack
Mom-to-be Mandy just wants to enjoy a stress-free maternity leave, but before she can say pink or blue, her well-meaning dad-in-law Dan Rowling hands her another case to crack. With his memories slightly scrambled, a newly dead groom-to-be can’t recall how he ended up deceased, but his murder is definitely related to the theft of a Fabergé egg from one of society’s upper crustiest of families. The pressure’s on since solving the case won’t just free a trapped soul and restore countless poached objects to their rightful owners, it could also mean admission to the most exclusive school for Baby Rowling.

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US UK and CA

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