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From birth to death, The War is all the citizens of Dystance know. As children it is drilled into their heads that war is the purpose behind all existence. Winter doesn’t agree. She’s stumbled across remnants of life the way it was before The War began and now she longs to be as free as her ancestors. With help from her best friend Cedar and the boy she is forbidden to love, Tallow. She believes she can do it. Winter can see a life beyond the Pickets, beyond the constant hunger and the threat of death, beyond the war machine.

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The Mark of the Damned
One month after the funeral, Quinton Thompson received his final gift from his father. A tattoo. A strange tapestry that appeared on his skin, pulling him into a twisted adventure. But this ink may be the key to his freedom that started before he even knew he’d need an escape clause. A deed his father signed on his behalf before he was born– but for what? When Quinton wakes in the night to a strange yowling from his father’s old study, he finds himself caught in the throes of a devilish deal.

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