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Forgotten & Remembered
England 1802: GRAHAM ASTOR, DUKE OF KENSINGTON is a beast and he knows it. Consumed by loss and misery, he has no need or desire for company or anything else polite society has to offer. What he needs is a wife—not for himself, but as a mother for his child—and it appears he’s found the perfect timid, young wallflower for the job. A woman who will make no demands of him. A woman who will leave him alone with his pain.

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The Bride of Doctor Franklin Stein
Doctor Franklin Stein’s love life has been in a rut ever since he fell into a vat of the experimental dye he created. Now he’s green from head to toe. Unable to go out in public without causing a stir, Franklin spends his days and nights working in his lab to reverse his condition. After all, what woman would want a green husband? But when the reclusive scientist receives an invitation to a Halloween party, it’s a chance to go out on the town and be treated like a normal man.

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