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Ben just lost his job promotion to a zombie. It was no longer politically correct to say so out loud, but the undead had always creeped him out. Life at 98.6 degrees was infinitely better than existing at room temperature. And now they were stealing promotions? What was the world coming to? As if his work woes weren’t bad enough, Ben also has to deal with an out-of-control daughter back home. Sneaking out of the house to meet boys might be a teenage rite of passage, but it’s also a headache he doesn’t need right now.

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Bobbit Rock
Still reeling from the death of his beloved wife and unborn child, homicide detective Isaac Murphy must investigate a growing string of unsolved murders in the shadowy city of Callahan, South Carolina. When mass hysteria plagues the populace, Isaac begins to lose his sanity and questions whether the killer is a man or a monster. But a terrible secret plagues Isaac’s heart–when he was a child, he climbed the forbidden Bobbit Rock and unknowingly unleashed a curse. Now, he believes the deaths are his fault.

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