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SciFi and Fantasy

Past Lives
Eric Strange literally just crawled out of hell. He has no money, no car, no job and no clothes. To make matters worse, he can’t even remember his own name. Fate, or better yet two officers responding to reports of a naked homeless man, lead him to a police station that’s more than what it seems. Something is very off about the place but for Eric, priority number one is getting his memory back. His best chance at that, is a drunk warlock named Gary, who happens to be his best friend.

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Kilty Secrets
After discovering the shocking consequences of their lark in Las Vegas, Catriona and Broch find themselves on the hunt for a serial killer thought dead. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, forces build against the time travelers as Catriona’s father endeavors to consolidate his burgeoning power. When his machinations capture the attention of a mysterious group of strangers, will they arrive to work with him or against him?

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The Book of Nocera
Alexandra and Link’s collaborative book, Nocera, is told from the perspective of two extraordinary heroes that are everything the siblings aspire to be. Their make-believe land consists of magic, gorlacs, giants, horriks, and mystical cities that stretch the bounds of imagination. That’s why never in their wildest dreams would they have expected to find themselves trapped inside their fantasy world; let alone in the shoes of their own characters.
The siblings must uncover two things: what’s causing their peculiar imprisonment in their fantasy world, and how the heck do they get themselves out of there—alive.

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