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Martha’s Story
Martha was raised in an Amish Community in Ohio and had a happy family life until Esther, her sister, left the community to marry an English man. She sorely missed her sister who was now shunned from the community. Martha began to spend time with an Amish man, Samuel,, a widower who was seeking a wife. But, Martha continued to be haunted about her sister and became torn between the English and Amish worlds. Martha became friends with an English man and saw qualities he had that she deeply appreciated.

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An Unwelcome Suitor
After losing her parents, Elizabeth Watts and her two sisters are taken under the care of their great-aunt, who has promised them her estate upon her death. From a young age, however, Elizabeth has learned not to expect to keep things that can be taken away. An unforeseen change in the will reveals that Elizabeth and her sisters may have the estate, but only if the eldest weds Dr. Luke Pembroke, their great-aunt’s beloved physician, who needs the estate just as desperately as they do.

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