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The Law of Attraction Game Book
The Law of Attraction Game Book, designed by award winning author Priya Khajuria, walks you through daily exercises that reveal irrefutable proof of your worthiness. The exercises are designed to stimulate your creativity and engage with your body, mind and spirit in a harmonious way to deepen your connection with yourself.

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1862: Civil War Furies
Not everyone sensed it right away, but after McClellan was dethroned in the fall of 1862, the focus of the war had shifted ever so subtly. Before that, the war was about reconciliation and bringing the two sides back together—with or without slavery. After Antietam and the Emancipation Proclamation, there was no going back. The purpose of the war had changed. It was no longer about reuniting the two sides but about total victory, crushing the South, and eliminating slavery.

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