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Before We Say Goodbye
I’ve always shared everything with my best friend—except my biggest secret. She doesn’t know I have a crush on her big brother. There’s a really good reason I’ve never told her. She hates all the girls who throw themselves at Tate. The last thing I want is for her to start hating me too. But now that we’ve graduated and I’m about to leave for college, suddenly I’ve realized how much I’ll regret never taking a chance on what I want most.

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Madam Love, Actually
In their teens and deeply in love, India Jackson and Vince Mancini are torn apart by a lie concocted by their fathers that separates and takes them down two diverse paths. Years later, India is summoned back to town for her father’s funeral and reunites with Vince. She brings with her the secret of why she was sent away—the product of their love, a son Vince never knew he fathered.

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Miss Match
Luke has loved Brooke for eight long years. Now that she’s engaged to someone else, he’s given up hope that she’ll ever see him as anything but a best friend. When Brooke begs him for a favor, Luke is leery to accept—until he finds out that if he doesn’t, she’s moving to Italy with her fiancé. And Luke isn’t about to lose his best friend and soul mate in one swoop.

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