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Branches of Love Boxed Set
Christine Devon’s social graces are lacking and her entrance in society depends upon her improvement. Thomas Gilbert’s finances are in ruin and the only way to save his dream is to find investors for his stables. Together, they can solve both their problems, as long as they don’t fall in love.

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Longing For Love
Dr. Emery Love spent the last decade devoted to medicine and now the clock is ticking. After the fiasco of a canceled wedding, her list of requirements in a husband has decreased dramatically, but she knows what she wants: a healthy, steadily employed, fertile man. Her former patient Ethan Cadman doesn’t fit those criteria and she can’t afford to waste time with him. Why can’t she stop gravitating to his deep blue eyes, and that amazing smile he keeps in spite of adversity?

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Welcome to Riverside Ranch
The Wyatt ranch had been in the family for generations, but when Blake returned to Riverside Ranch, he knew that modern times meant something had to change. Taking the reins may have caused some contentious conversations with his father and brothers, but Blake wasn’t willing to let his family’s legacy die.

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US UK and CA

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