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How to Design Love
Forced to fake a marriage, Brikelle must decide if she can love a beastly dog, and his handsome owner. Attacked as a child, Brikelle Manwaring is terrified of dogs. When Colt Jepson’s huge Great Dane chases her up a canyon, she tells him off and prays she’ll never see either of them again.
When Colt and Brikelle are forced to pretend they are married, Colt discovers there’s more to Brikelle than a feisty beauty who likes to tell him off.

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Embers of Starlight
In my short twenty-four years of life, I’ve experienced passionate love and crushing heartbreak. My first love became the one who got away. I thought I made all the right choices, but in the end, those same decisions led me down a path I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to come back from. When betrayal rears its ugly head, I get forced into the dangerous world of sex trafficking. I accepted that I would die there. Will my fight for survival, turned to a path of vengeance, become my undoing?

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