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Little God Blues
The day the music dies. It’s the day Kirk, the co-leader of The Eyebeams, is found dead in a London alley. An overdose. And that makes no sense to the band’s front man Jim Shalabon. That his best friend is dead. That he’s into drugs. Drugs have never been Kirk’s scene. But that’s what the autopsy concludes. Jim flies to London dazed and confused. Still trying to make sense of such an inexplicable death. With no distractions apart from the winter chill his one mission is to recreate Kirk’s last days and figure out what happened.

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Cut, Crop & Die
Recovering from financial ruin and the murder of her husband—she’s not saying which was worse— Kiki Lowenstein’s getting her life back on track as a professional scrapbooker, in charge of a huge event at the Missouri Botanical Garden. But during the scrapbooking soiree, somebody has an allergic reaction, and not to the plants. As luck would have it, it just happens to be someone Kiki’s allergic to—scrapbooking rival Yvonne Grayson, whose epi pen is mysteriously empty. As planned—by someone—the victim goes into anaphylactic shock and dies, right in front of half the hobbyists in the state of Missouri.

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