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When Isabel Cosgrove is informed by her father that he lost her hand in marriage while playing cards with Charles Galbraith—the gentleman she’s been admiring from a distance for years—she is filled with dismay. How can she agree to wed a man whose reason for marriage is part-revenge, part-indifference? Intent on avoiding a painful union where her regard cannot be returned, she concocts a plan.

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Goldie and the Billionaire Bear
Of the women he’s dated, she isn’t too picky or too critical. For Adrian, Goldie fits him just right. Goldie Bybanks is terrible at following directions. After a mysterious letter arrives from a long-lost aunt, Goldie sets out to find answers. But one wrong turn leads to another. Her car is running out of gas. It’s late. Dark. There isn’t a town in sight, much less a hotel.

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