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Cowboys & Starlight
Ronnie Ross has spent the past three years working unthinkable hours as an interior design assistant. With a promotion one important project away, an ill-timed mistake costs her everything. Hoping to lay low for a couple of weeks, she takes her brother up on his invitation to visit him in Starlight, Wyoming. This could be the break she needs — until an irritatingly handsome cowboy gets in the way.

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US UK and CA

The Handmaid’s Billionaire
Sickness stole Corbin’s wife and love of his life. Mattie ended her marriage the day it should have begun. Corbin and Mattie are strangers living in Malibu, unaware of each other… Until Valentina Del Torre steps in. The matchmaker brings the lonely billionaire entertainment entrepreneur and the creative Broadway musical writer wannabe together, but it’s up to them to build a relationship.

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US UK and CA

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