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SciFi and Fantasy

Talon the Slayer
One hundred battles in the galaxy’s deadliest arena… That’s how many victories the gladiator known as Talon must claim to earn his freedom. But when he makes his final kill, he discovers it was all a lie. Soon he’ll be sold to a new owner, and his blood will forever be registered as a slave to intergalactic scans. A mysterious alien sorceress named Salena holds the key not only to his freedom, but to his past. Amnesia, a byproduct of a life-pod malfunction, has stolen his memories. But Salena has access to dark energy magic, a starship, and a ragtag mercenary crew that might just be skilled enough to make Talon a free man.

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Rogue Destiny
Zach White is happy living the reckless life of an interstellar bounty hunter. He has his dingy but dependable ship, the Space Rogue. He has his brother, the galaxy’s last time-bending samurai. And he has his friend Grin, a cranky old remnant of a scattered race. But when Zach meets an intriguingly talented woman named Topaz and a droll old robot, he finds himself drawn into destiny’s web — and in over his head in a mystery hundreds of thousands of years old. Solving it could mean fame and fortune. Or it could mean so much more.

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US UK and CA

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