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Forever In My Heart
The child he never knew. The woman he never forgot… Press Secretary to the Premier of British Columbia, Matt Bradford lives a high profile existence. When he learns of a daughter he didn’t know he had, both his job and his heart are in jeopardy. What will Matt give up to earn the love of Brianna – and her mother?

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The Truth About Truly
She was the girl of his dreams. It was a chance meeting, but Finn knew her at a glance. The likeness was unmistakable. Even her smell was familiar. The problem was, Truly wasn’t looking for love. When Truly loved someone, it was a death sentence—and she wasn’t going to have that on her conscience. Not again. Love and death were partners in crime, and she couldn’t risk doing any more time.

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Love at the House Party
Eleanor Wheeler married into misery. Now widowed, marrying again is the only way to save her sister and herself from their brother’s drunken temper. Mr. Bancroft offers her such an escape if she can gain his mother’s approval at the family’s house party. Eleanor quickly discovers that obtaining Mrs. Bancroft’s blessing is near impossible. A matter only complicated further when she stumbles across a fellow guest in the middle of the night. Despite fear of scandal, Eleanor cannot resist the Marquess’ easy manner, which appeals to her heart in a way Mr. Bancroft never could.

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