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Steamy Romance

SEAL the Deal
Attorney Rebecca Mayes has already endured more than her share of tragedy. After her husband was killed in an accident, she’d do anything to shield herself from more heartache. Her success in the courtroom has not come without costs though. The disgruntled ex-husband of a client is seeking revenge—and his sights are set on Rebecca.

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Forbidden Prescription 5
Doctor, I need some work done on my chest. I know you’re the best one in town but I don’t have a lot of money. I’m sure we can work something out. Even if I am your patient… When Tabitha has trouble getting job offers, she feels it’s due to her looks. After talking to some friends, she decides that she needs to get plastic surgery done on her chest. After seeing the plastic surgeon, Earl, she realizes the quoted price for the surgery is more than what she can afford.

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Johnnie Walker
Kitty O’Doole used to have it all. A big house in the suburbs, a sports car, and money in the bank, all provided by a loving husband. It had been a Cinderella story of all times until the FBI came knocking on her door with a warrant for her husband’s arrest. Now, three years later, working at McCurdy’s Bar and Restaurant, and taking night classes toward a degree in Education, her life is heading in a positive direction. The last thing she needs is a gambling, whiskey-drinking, sexy cowboy, but when JW Whiskey sits down and orders a Johnnie Walker, Kitty finds herself falling for the wrong man. Again.

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