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Steamy Romance

Claiming Mia
I’m a mess. Broken. Lost my mate and almost myself. In no shape to help anyone. Then the sexy girl serving me drinks stumbles into trouble with a bunch of wolves who are bad business—I should know. They’re the competition. And they’re as dirty at dot-com investing as they are predatory on young things like her. So I save her. Because I may be broken, but I’m not an ass.

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Forbidden Prescription 4
When Ariana’s stalker ex of over 10 years comes back in town looking for her, she asks her friend and doctor, Daniel, to pretend to be her husband to get her ex to think she’s not available anymore. Wanting to help her out, Daniel agrees. At first, nothing was going on between them. It was strictly for show. But after Daniel rescues Ariana from a confrontation with her stalker, their relationship to get a little steamy.

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Triple Threat
The Capello Crime Family has employed the Boothe Brothers to take me down. A Mob princess who’s about to inherit their biggest competition. These irresistible triplets need me out of the way. They want my father’s organization obliterated. But they also want me in their bed. I’m being held hostage… but they know it’s wrong.

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