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How to Flunk Magic
It was your typical sixteenth birthday… Until all spell broke loose! Cool party? Check. Boy of my dreams? Check. First kiss? Not so fast. Because that’s when I discovered I was a witch. And not a very good one. Just ask Peter, the ghost I can now see haunting my bedroom, or the zombies I accidentally raised from their graves.

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Madam Love, Actually
Lance Parker is an arrogant know-it-all. As author of the bestselling book Your Soulmate Doesn’t Exist, he says love is for losers. Madam Love is a fortune teller and matchmaker who has brought hundreds of couples together. When the two clash during a radio interview, she admits even someone as irritating and impossible as Lance has a soulmate. He says she’s delirious and a fraud. Then the gauntlet is laid down: Madam Love has two weeks to prove Lance wrong and find him a soulmate.

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