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I’m Never Drinking Again
Not every problem drinker has lost their job, is in the gutter or has hit their own rock bottom. So many drinkers wonder if they drink too much or too often, yet do nothing about it. Whether from fear of being judged, of being called an alcoholic or of facing the truth they aren’t ready to hear, that drinking is no longer a positive part of their life. Whether you have been having these thoughts or are tired of family and friends nagging you about your drinking. I’m Never Drinking Again can lead you through a journey that is taking many to their own aha moments.

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The Perfect Gentleman
James Barry was one of the most outstanding doctors of the nineteenth century – a brilliant surgeon, a tireless campaigner for medical reform, and a compassionate Inspector-General of the Army. But throughout a long and distinguished career an air of secrecy, even of scandal, always clung to Barry. The shrill voice, the diminutive build, the almost ostentatious humanity – all struck a discordant note in the stiff, conventional world of the officers’ mess.

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