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Enter the Witch
Evangeline Winther has just landed her dream job as a librarian in Whisper Grove, NC. The fact that she also discovered she’s the lost heir to a centuries-old coven of witches is not so dreamy. When her gifts make themselves known, Evangeline realizes her picturesque town isn’t what it seems. There are secrets buried here, but even the deepest secrets have a way of rising—especially when she can hear them whispering.

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What the Hex
It’s not every day you see your own funeral 20 years into the future. Lucky me. Hey, I’m Lilith Blackward and when I was young and stupid I commandeered a spell that ripped a hole in time and took me to the worst day of my life. Actually, my life was over but, well, you get the drift. Now I’m saddled with my older self’s ghost who is very irritating. Yes, I realize I’m talking about myself. Why is life so complicated?

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