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Bad Moon On The Rise
In this rip-roaring romp of a mystery, big, badass smart-mouthed Casey, the hard-boiled female PI with the thunder thighs and the bunny-soft heart, suddenly finds herself out of her familiar Durham hood and following a trail to a North Carolina prison town. She’s looking for a basketball star who’s spent his young life taking care of his drug-addicted mother, and now they’ve both dropped off the radar.

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Out Of Time
Fifteen years ago, this hard-boiled babe walked out of a Florida prison after serving an eighteen-month sentence, sporting160 pounds of “nobody kicks my ass” and a couple of inches of dark roots at the base of her bleach job (“simply to confuse people into underestimating me”)–and swearing she’d never set foot in a prison again. But the family of the convicted woman just isn’t buying the story that she killed her cop husband,, and they’ve hired North Carolina’s mouthiest female sleuth to find enough new evidence to get her a new trial and save her from lethal injection—in a month.

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