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Steamy Romance

The Dark Orchid Trilogy
Everyone lies. When working for a sex mage, it’s the only way to stay safe. That’s the first thing Jaeda learns when she’s named as the Chosen. The mage needs a sacrifice, and she’s willing to give it. Maybe too willing. After all, this man is lust incarnate; a woman would have to be insane not to want him, even if he is dangerous.

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Knave of Blades
Allene Whelan is scavenging through the ruins of post-apocalypse Oregon when she finds a strange tarot card, the Knave of Blades. Touching it awakens her magic—the power of the sylph, a rare and deadly seelie sidhe who can defeat any other of her kind. Her pollen is intoxicating. Her magic is irresistible. And she’s suddenly at the center of the Autumn Court’s war against the rebellious True Kingdom.

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Playing with Fire
It was only meant to be one night. I wasn’t meant to meet a handsome alpha billionaire like Grant Slate. I only worked that night for my friend. I wasn’t even a dancer. I didn’t know I would meet a man like Grant Slate. And when he asks you for a dance, you can’t really say no. He was cocky, arrogant and dark. He’s also the most gorgeous charismatic man I’ve ever met. I didn’t know the dance would lead to a crazy night of passion.

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