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SciFi and Fantasy

The Dragon Wakes
Long ago, the Kingdom of Estala was a place of dragons and sorcerers. Those with magical powers were more than human, they were Menti. But now Menti sorcery is outlawed by the capricious king, and those who wield it are hunted down by the fanatical Order of Insight to be made into slaves, or worse, executed.

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Shadow Detective Books 1-9
My name is Mike Raven. I hunt nightmares. The forces of darkness shattered my life when I was just a boy. I watched as demons murdered my parents, and I would have been their next victim if not for Joe Skulick, the greatest monster hunter who ever lived. Skulick saved my life that night. He took me in, trained me. He turned a frightened boy into a determined young man sworn to destroy the demonic forces that had orphaned him. Armed with my knowledge of the occult and a mystical arsenal, it’s now my turn to battle the creatures of darkness.

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