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Steamy Romance

Not In Her Wildest Dreams
Small Town Secrets, Big Time Heartache. Paige Fogarty never believed Liebe Falls’ golden boy, Sterling Roy, could want a No Good Fogarty, but one magical night, they kissed—ruining her already murky reputation. Fifteen years later, she’s still shunned, now as a professional accountant auditing Roy Furnishings. It’s a daunting task even before she’s forced to work with him.

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Marcus: Shifted Stalker
He’s lucky to be alive. He’s lucky his million-dollar face is still intact. He’s lucky to have his job as the lead TV detective on Precinct 12 to go back to. But he knows that whoever is after him isn’t done yet. Since the attack, he feels something primal stirring within him that he can’t understand.

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The Healer and the Warrior
Zianya’s been the village healer since her mother died. Trouble is, the people of her village live in fear of her and claim her red hair makes her a witch. When Torric is brought to her injured, she saves his life and finds herself kidnapped for her troubles. But Torric’s reasons are noble. His king is dying and Zianya is the only one who can save him. During their journey, she learns about her family’s origins. She also learns to love this powerful warrior who would do anything to protect her.

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