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Steamy Romance

The Cowboy
We have three rules: We never see each other’s faces. We don’t know each other’s names. We don’t say a word. But at dawn when she steps out onto her private balcony over my work site, we show each other… everything. She’s My Morning Girl and the rules keep both of us safe.

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Her Protection
I’m done with Tilucci. I’m only doing it to give my daughter the life she deserves. I’m not the guy that Jane, that fine reporter, thinks I am. And when I say fine, I mean it more than just her work. I need to help her to get rid of this life of drugs and violence and keep my baby girl safe. I never expected Jane to like me. But after she forced herself to join me, I knew she was mine. I will keep them both safe.

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Shhh… I Am Back!
Art Waters, the CEO of the billion-dollar gaming company, Interzone, has been enjoying his life ever since he has put his brother Aidan in a psychiatric ward, after that attack by Aidan on him. He is on cloud nine now, especially with the relationship that he has formed with Lily Stone, one of his hot & gorgeous employees. Art used to think he would never find someone who would love him unconditionally like Lily does. And now he can’t even imagine a single second without her.

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