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Third Daughter
Sneaking out of the palace wasn’t one of Aniri’s best ideas. But she’s the Third Daughter of the Queen of Dharia—zero responsibilities and zero royal duties. She’s just the backup daughter, in case her older sisters’ arranged marriages—to take the crown or broker an alliance—don’t quite work out. But once Aniri reaches her 18th birthday, she’ll be truly free… and then she can marry the charming fencing instructor she meets for fevered kisses in the forest.

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Loving a Lawman
He thought he could protect her by staying away, but his distance only invited more danger. Boardinghouse owner Rosie Porter spent the last twenty years seeing to the needs of others, laying aside her dream of having a family of her own. But ever since the new sheriff came to town, feelings have stirred and old desires resurfaced. Unsure if romance can still blossom anew for a forty-three year old woman, she happens to attract the attention of a handsome boarder.

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