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The Oblivious Billionaire
How can you know where you’re going if you can’t remember where you’ve been? Charlie Monson has spent her entire life pining over Kirk Palmer. In fact, she chose to be a nurse just so she could work beside him at Laguna Beach’s Mission Hospital. Zach Walden has lost seven years of his life. He can’t remember leaving his football career or creating the Wonder Weight Loss app that has supposedly made him a billionaire. And worse, he can’t remember his fiancee, the beautiful Eva Caron. Retrograde amnesia, it’s just one of the things Zach has to learn to deal with. But all he wants to study is the charming nurse who saved him, Charlie Monson.

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Bachelor Party
This wasn’t her room, this wasn’t her bed, she didn’t think she was Goldilocks and. . . . She looked at the man in bed beside her. He most definitely wasn’t Baby Bear and although the expression on his face was hungry, Cassidy didn’t think he had porridge on his mind. She clutched the covers closer to her body. “If you think . . .” Before Cassidy could finish, the bedroom door burst open. Her mouth dropped to her chin as a tall, elegantly dressed brunette breezed into the room as if she owned it.

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