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Fiction No More
Mystery writer Stella Stratton, in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a conference, is being stalked by a man who has followed her from Chicago. When P.I. Vincent Malone comes to her aid, he discovers that Stratton’s first book is not a work of fiction at all, but an account of the murder of the stalker’s father in the 1980s. Archaeology, Indian artifacts, and crimes from the past weave into a mysterious plot involving political corruption, a wayward priest, millions in stolen relics, forgotten curses, and old misdeeds. Who’s good and who’s bad is all mixed up as Malone seeks answers both to the murder in the 80s and the confusing events happening now.

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Ruffled Feathers
Best friends Suzie and Mary are loving running Dune House, the majestic bed and breakfast on the beach. They are hosting well-known and powerful business partners, Priscilla and Neil, and Priscilla’s talkative parakeet, Benita. The two guests are planning on building a resort on the beach in Garber which is met by very strong opposition from the locals.

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Murder at the Marina
Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her clueless hubby presents her with a rundown boat. She’s not impressed. When she discovers someone murdered on board, things get even worse. Mollie hopes it will convince her husband to rethink his hare-brained scheme of sailing off into the sunset. Instead, he’s more determined than ever to fix the boat up and set off to sea.

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