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Blood Passage
Maintenance supervisor Brian Francisco goes to sleep for the night in his Midwest apartment and wakes to find himself a prisoner aboard an oil tanker at sea. His predicament turns desperate when he learns of his captors’ intent to eventually kill him. With no clues to the reason for his capture, Francisco has only his ingenuity to fashion an escape. But even if he can manage to break out of the brig, he faces a bigger problem: how to flee a ship in the middle of the ocean.

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The Evil And The Pure
Dave Bushinsky is one of London’s more powerful gangsters, and he has a dream — to raise enough money to buy a football club, which will allow him to put behind his murky past and become a legitimate businessman. To realize those funds, he has imprisoned a chemical genius who is working hard on an insanely addictive designer drug that will sweep through the world like a virus and generate a quick fortune for its unscrupulous distributor.

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