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Reframing Poverty
We typically view poverty as a technical problem we can solve with more money, more technology, and more volunteers. But there is an adaptive side to the problem of poverty as well. Reframing Poverty directs our attention to the emotional and often unconscious mindsets we bring to this issue. Meade’s approach is as unique as it is challenging. Rather than trite tips or tricks, he offers a series of nested insights – and a path for self-exploration – for those eager to become the kind of people who can successfully navigate the tensions of a world in need.

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Two Dogs One Wife
Turin, in the eighties. On an unexpected train trip from Italy to England, Giorgio meets the love of his life. A few months later Giorgio and Margherita get a German shepherd puppy together. Everything seems perfect until a car accident in the Tuscan countryside shatters this dream. The man survives, the dog dies. But life must go on and soon Aria arrives, another German shepherd puppy with a connection to the first – and a special talent for attracting trouble.

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