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Children Thinking in Motion
Movement is an existential necessity for man. It evolves from the moment the embryo is created in the womb. Movement is a primary parameter in assessing the proper development and health of the fetus, the baby and the toddler. Movement in early childhood is essential not only from aspects of motor competence. The brain develops through movement, therefore, it is the premier therapeutic tool for handling with a child’s difficulties in various executive functions: motor, emotional, social, developmental, and more.

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How the Brain Thinks
How does the brain think? An alternative way of looking at how matter produces mind. Calling on new research in neuroscience and a new interpretation of old ideas, this book tackles the age-old questions of how thinking, consciousness and emotion happen. We can be irrational and unpredictable but we are completely understandable, the author explains in this fascinating introduction to our complex inner world.

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