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Reasons vs. Emotion
The battle has raged ever since man began standing upright. No matter how technologically advanced we become, the question remains. What controls us? Is it our logic and our deductive/inductive reasoning, or is it our emotions, and our desires and impulsive reactions? There is no question that both systems play a part, a role in our behavioral reactions. We want to believe we are logical, rational beings. All this aside, our intelligence or rationality is frequently guided, or undermined, by our emotions. We often buy things because we want them (they make us feel good), not always because we need them. We are sometimes (or often) impulsive, reacting before we think. We fall prey to good salesmen or fancy advertising, and then realize we’ve been duped.

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Because Money Matters
Landing a job offer involves more than picking the format for your résumé, deciding on what to include in your cover letter, and how to prepare for your interview. Because Money Matters: How to Find and Get a Better Job reveals a complete method that demystifies the job-search process and helps you develop tools you can use to increase your chance of landing the job you want, whether it is your first job or the next better one.

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