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SciFi and Fantasy

Dark City
My name’s Morgan Rook, Supernatural Detective, Undercover Agent, odd jobs man. Call it whatever you like.
I take out the nightmares, demons and werewolves. The things that lurk in the shadows around you.
Guys like us, we call them Nightkind.

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Blade’s Edge
Sometimes getting in bed with the enemy gives you the edge you need… For Zonan Silvergard Commander Taryn Penthes, an assignment to escort a group of Bariani diplomats seems routine-until the party is ambushed. And when she realizes the attacker she just killed is the Zonan Crown Prince’s lover, political winds shift.

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Seeker One
Tanner Voss has an entire year left at the Terran Exploratory Force academy, so no one is more surprised than Tanner himself when he is pulled from the academy and placed on the Deep Space initiative as a cadet. For one thing, Tanner is still recovering from being in stasis for 150 years, with some odd and unexpected side effects.

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US UK and CA

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