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Steamy Romance

The New Money Girls
Guarded Zion is a sugar baby. Cahir is a tech millionaire. He would pay to have her, but he won’t have to. Nadia, the event planner, cares what people think of her. The only thing one married couple cares about is having her. Delia, the escort, wants to be pay her bills and be a fashion stylist. Poppy wants to punish Delia for sleeping with her husband.

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Wrangling James
James Taylor sells his Texas ranch and moves back to his hometown of Sweet Water, Michigan, bringing along his horses. He has a habit of being too polite at times. Using his cowboy charm around the women, James has a hard time telling them ‘no’.

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Her Cold-Blooded Protector
It’s not easy being human when Earth is run by aliens. Lena has been locked up, imprisoned in a multi-species penitentiary on Earth, and all she wants is to get back to what she’s good at: keeping her sister safe. Kormak is a levekk—a member of the same cold-blooded, alien species that enslaved her planet—and he is the key to her escape.

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