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Hollywood Outlaw
When a reality TV star ends up dead, Kate and her partner, Leo Kingsley, quickly realize there are more suspects than there are stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Things get complicated when they learn their victim’s been involved with half the women in Hollywood and he embezzled millions from the TV show.

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Doom and Broom
When Brighton Longfield discovers her treasured protection amulet is missing, she knows there is big trouble brewing. Not only does she not have the money to replace the expensive charms used to make it, she finds a note in its place from Langoria Skeenbauer telling her that Tuttlesmiths are not welcome in Coventry. Brighton confronts the woman in the town square with a crowd of Coventry’s residents watching. Of course, Langoria Skeenbauer is one of the town’s most upstanding citizens, so people assume she’s innocent and Brighton is nuts. When Langoria is found dead in the cemetery across from Hangman’s House, Brighton becomes a suspect.

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