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She thought it would be okay. She thought her son would be fine if she left him in the car. It was after all just for a few minutes while she went to grab something at the store. It was no big deal. But when Mrs. Cunningham came back out from the store, the car was empty, and her 5-year-old boy was gone. In a town filled with dark secrets, who will you dare to believe?

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The Cold Light Of Day
As a reformed drug dealer with a criminal record, Matthew Hayter agrees to set himself up as a private investigator to get early release. A job which suits his knowledge, experience and unique set of skills very well. But, when a mother asks him to find her daughter, Matthew once again rubs shoulders with the worst kind of criminal. But as a former con himself, can he betray the criminal’s code and help the authorities?

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Remnants of Evil
Two months after escaping an underground prison, Abby is determined to redefine her limits by testing the boundaries defining her existence. Practicing law fulfills her need for order and consistency, but chaos soon decimates her neat and structured life. When a psychopathic killer draws a line in the sand, she’s forced to choose between her need for independence and the security of police protection.

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