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SciFi and Fantasy

Flat Space
Arnold Birchwood always believed the world was flat, but he could never prove it. When an alien spaceship crashes outside his house, he suddenly gets his chance. With the help of his friends – Eudox, a green space alien pretending to be from Texas, Sam Duval, a professional complainer who has huffed too much government mind control gas, and Corpsy, a stone-cold dead corpse – Arnold sets out into orbit to show everyone that the world is flat once and for all!

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The Blood of Kings
Being a warden is tough work at the best of times. Keeping the tenuous peace between the five kingdoms of Fál is a difficult business, especially in a land of monsters and magic. Esben Berengar, the realm’s most feared warden, relies on his wits and his axe to deal with unscrupulous rulers, bloodthirsty outlaws, and the occasional witch. When the king of Munster is murdered, Berengar is called upon to investigate. Many had cause to want the king dead, and treachery lurks behind every corner.

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