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Brothers, Antony and Sonny Luciano grew up knowing exactly what their lives would hold. Antony, driven by power and money, is prepared to take over the streets his father runs. Sonny reluctantly surrenders to a similar fate until their mother’s fresh talk about her faith births in him a hope of a better future. One bullet changed their destinies forever. After years of working the streets his father once ran, Antony reunites with his brother to find Sonny has not only obtained the power and money Antony craves, but also the woman he loves.

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Mirror Mirror
In the third action-packed Dublin Tale by Patrick Emmett (Mike Faricy’s Irish alter ego), dashing detective Jack Dillon, formerly of the US Marshals, is still detailed to a special detective unit in Dublin, Ireland. American ingenuity (on both sides of the law) meets Irish tough guys (also on both sides of the law) in this humorous international mystery, to deliver hard-boiled crime fiction at its funniest! When an armored truck is robbed at a small airport outside of Dublin, one of the thugs hired to guard it is killed. Enter Jack – because the job looks exactly like the work of an American criminal he escorted to jail a couple of years back

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