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The People In The Woods
Anthropology Professor Nick Upton is tired of his life, tired of the redneck state he has to live in, tired of uninterested students, and most of all tired of his own laziness. Something has to change. But his grey existence gets violently shaken when he discovers during a run, signs of a sinister cult sacrificing animals in abandoned houses around his Upper Midwest college town. Soon he is plunged into a dark world where town and gown rivalries turn murderous and forces him to team up with the locals, he’s never trusted in order to face the growing evil in the hidden depths of the countryside.

US UK and CA

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
A reporter with nothing to lose. An inspector with something to hide. The Cotswolds’ newest odd couple is on the case… Of all the journalists at his small-town paper, Andy Caplet is far and away the worst. At least he has a job. But when his latest expose on the strange and scandalous Inspector Hobbes backfires, Andy is left broke and homeless. The inspector’s offer of a spare room for a few days (or months) seems like the only option…

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