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Chronicles of the Infected Books 1 – 3
A little girl is trapped in London – a city where hundreds of thousands of fast, strong and hungry zombies are quarantined. Gus Harvey is a cynical ex-soldier with a bullet lodged in his calf, mourning the loss of his family. When a suicidal mission to the zombie centre of the country arises, who else are they going to ask?

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Traitor Sun
Imogen Wise is on the borderline, a teenager stepping from the comforts of home to travel alone for the first time. Whilst, her twelve-year-old sister Tilly remains more concerned with her friends and caring for the animals at her local zoo. On the evening of their parent’s wedding anniversary, Imogen discovers her mother is having an affair with her uncle and her loyalties are split. Consequently, each family member is thrown into chaos as their lives are forced in different directions.

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