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SciFi and Fantasy

A Queen’s life is one of servitude. Aren has a secret, one she has kept hidden from her family, one which is the reason she begged and pleaded to be finished at court like so many other young ladies. Her parents agree to send her, so long as when she returns she accepts her father’s choice of a man. She agrees, but she’s never going back.

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Eternal Reign
When your royal ruler is a vampire, it’s best not to fall in love with him… In the year 2133, vampires rule America. Within the Realms, human life is defined by blood. But there is a way out: The Testing. No one knows what happens to those who pass. But rumours of the powerful vampire family who want them spark fear in the chosen few. When sisters Callie and Montana pass the test, they rebel against their fate and plan to do what no human has ever done.

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