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Rise of an Oligarch
One bullet. One billionaire. Mikhail lies in a coma. For while Mikhail’s methods were ruthless, his arrogance left him vulnerable. His associates can shoot, but they cannot manage the financial empire he built so painstakingly. Is there a way to avoid its rapid descend into turmoil? Rise of an Oligarch is a thrilling historical fiction set against the background of the Big Bang of the USSR.

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Pay looked at the swollen purple bruise masking the right eye of the skittish man sitting across the table from him in the San Francisco coffee shop. This guy’s so timid, I wonder if anyone can teach him the stuff he needs to learn. “Revenge School clients have to be seriously violated. We don’t help people with little stuff. Last week a guy wanted us to kill his neighbor for making a pass at his wife. That guy needs testosterone injections, not us.

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