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When the Right One Comes Along
Former Army Ranger, Ridge Romano lost his brother John to the war, but not on the battlefield. Like so many wounded soldiers, he faced the loss of his identity and purpose and committed suicide leaving behind a grieving wife and child. Now, the CEO of MedBionics, Ridge is on a mission to ensure John’s death is not in vain. With a “yes” vote on the big bill, his Consortium will take over the care of his fellow soldiers and their families.

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The Gemstone Chronicles Book One
When Aidan and Maggie find a fairy cross while rock hunting with their grandfather, it’s just an oddity. When they discover an elf imprisoned in the stone and free him, Dark Elves attack the siblings and their grandparents, forcing them to flee to Celahir, magical home of the Elves. The family, with the help of their Elven friends, embarks on a dangerous adventure to find the first of the four stolen gems, the Carnelian. Without restoration of the stones, the balance between good and evil is slipping toward evil – in both Celahir and the human world…

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