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Brownie Points for Murder
When you’re a mom of two little kids and your husband spends more time on business trips than he does at home, you start to go a little stir-crazy. Before I had kids, I was a hotshot marketing manager. Now I’m lucky if there’s no baby spit-up on my blouse in the morning when I rush to get my son to preschool before the Queen Bees reprimand me for being late yet again.

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Toxic Tech
For Blaise Runa, a job working the front desk at the local veterinary clinic is a fun but temporary diversion…a chance to spend every day with Miss Ivy, her adorable fur baby, while she continues to search for a career. Unfortunately, the fun is soon sucked right out of the job when Blaise discovers one of the veterinary technicians poisoned in the kennel. The attack is quickly labeled the work of an activist group that resents the medical and financial resources “squandered” on pets. But is there something less obvious…and possibly more sinister…at work?

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