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In just eight months, I completely destroyed my life. From the outside, my marriage looked like a sunny day at the beach. Behind closed doors where no one could see, a dark and treacherous storm was brewing. I was about to destroy everything I had spent years building. I was lost, completely disconnected from my myself, my husband and my life. Desperate for attention and validation, I turned away from my marriage and into the arms of two men I hoped could save me. I thought I was running from my marriage; turns out I was running from myself. In the end, these men didn’t save me, but the affairs did end up saving my marriage and making it stronger than it ever was before.

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Surviving The Forest
Five shots on Saturday morning changed their fate… She was a beautiful and happy young woman who lived a fairytale life. Shurka, her beloved husband and their two small children lived in a pretty house in a village in Poland, surrounded by a little garden with lilies. This was their life and nothing could harm it, or so they thought…

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