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SciFi and Fantasy

The world didn’t end with a bang, it didn’t go out in a ball of fire and fury, nor did it end in ice. But in some strange way, ice was the end; or maybe it was the beginning of something more. When I find myself suddenly alone in a world that was alive only moments before, I flee into the streets of my town in search of my family. Panicked by the immobile people surrounding me, I’m almost captured by the monsters hunting me until Cade steps in to rescue me. Dark and distant, most people in school are wary of Cade, yet oddly fascinated by him. We’d been close as children, but it has been years since I’ve had any real contact with him.

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Magic Reclaimed
A clan of Fae is seizing lands vital to all Magicals. A Keeper of the ancient trees is using tainted magic against her mother’s command. And a bladesman exploited by his longing for redemption is about to commit the unforgivable. A growing circle of witches, druids, and other Magicals make offers to help Calliope Jones and her sons. But for Calli, trust is earned–whether in forming alliances, making friends, or becoming lovers. Tanner Marechal, the leader of the druids, wants to be more than her friend. To properly pursue Calliope, he must confront his tangled history with his former partner and now nemesis, the Apple Witch.

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