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SciFi and Fantasy

Beauty and the Goblin King
For the past ten years, the Goblin King has stayed locked away in his caverns. He only opens his doors for one purpose: he will give one gold coin for every night a girl is willing to spend with him. Despite his fearsome reputation, his fangs and claws, the girls come back safe and sound, and they never say a word about it. One must be very desperate to accept such an offer…or very curious. Well, everyone says curiosity has always been my downfall. Too clever for a girl so beautiful.

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A Distant Moon
All Reg wanted to do was pick up some scrap metal and return to his unhappy home on the overcrowded planet of Skriff. But eking out an existence in the unforgiving emptiness of space takes a turn for the worse when his ship loses power and sends him and his robot Raul crashing to the surface of the far-flung MO-1038-5. And that’s the high point of their day.

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