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The Silence of the Snakes
A cursed emerald. A suspicious snake. There’s something strange going on at Snidely Safari Park. A mystery illness is spreading through the staff. When a zookeeper collapses inside the lion enclosure, Madigan Amos is the only one close enough to make a decision that could save the keeper, or condemn them both. Then, one stormy night, a stranger turns up at the zoo bearing a sickly green mamba… but Madi smells a rat.

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Black Widow Blues
Rock singer Jim Shalabon learns the hard way that, in Mexico, it is impossible to play it safe. Turn up in Mexico City with questions about drugs, murder, and a missing Englishwoman and you’re travelling with dynamite. The city is teeming with spies. Ask the wrong question and it will get back to those that have a simple solution to nosy investigators–bang. What starts out as a favor for the missing woman’s daughter turns into a battle for survival when Jim falls prey to one of Mexico’s most dangerous cartels and engages in a battle of wits with its ruthless and complicated boss.

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